My research interests and topics.

Human Mobility and Urban Structure

i. Universal laws of human mobility

  • frequency | visitation | preferential exploration and preferential return | central place theory


ii. Urban networks

  • commuting pattern | metropolitan area | polycentric structure


Commuting networks of Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin (top) and Yangtze River Delta (Bottom).

  • The universality of urban commuting across and within cities. Working paper.
    • Lei Dong, Paolo Santi, Yu Liu, Siqi Zheng, and Carlo Ratti

iii. Network efficiency

  • road network efficiency | navigation | search information


Scaling Laws in Urban Systems

i. Mesoscopic scaling laws

  • spatial interaction | mesoscopic scaling | mobile phone data


ii. Spatial attraction model

  • spatial attraction | matching growth | active population


iii. City boundaries and scaling laws

iv. Urban cells

  • Paper in preparation

Big Data and Socioeconomic Activity

i. Nowcasting socioeconomic activity

  • population | employment | consumption | nowcasting


ii. Poverty and development

  • mobile internet | poverty | regional development


  • Lei Dong and Haishan Wu. 2017. Mobile Internet and regional development in China. Environment and Planning A, 49(4):725-727. doi:10.1177/0308518X16676091
  • Meng Zeng, Rong Shi, Lei Dong, Haishan Wu. 2016. The Living Standards Dimension of the Human Development Index. UNDP Report. Link